Looking for a graphic designer intern

Looking for some help on my student information system SWORD. Fixing up the user interface and making a marketing website.

HTML and CSS by hand
Previous work example

Experience with version control system
Experience with HTML template framework such as Django’s template language
Experience with user interface design for business applications
Experience in open source
Desire to compete with and take down companies who have people pay for their 30 year old software

The pay is…cheap. Like $8/hr for a couple months or the summer. Might be good for a student, maybe I could even put together the paperwork to call it an internship. Could pay some % of revenue made from this. Everything would be done remotely with your own equipment, except servers which I could provide. You would be working directly for me as a contractor for a limited amount of time (unless it¬†suddenly¬†starts making a lot of money).

If interested email david @ this website’s domain or comment. Submit a resume and example work.

LED lighting

I’ve recently purchased some LED lighting to see how it is. LED lights are more energy efficient and last much longer than CLF lights. That also don’t contain mercury and are very durable. I went with four of these


I have them installed in overhead recessed light fixtures. They seem to be ideal for this type of use because they are highly directional. The light seems to be on par with CLF but not as “warm” as incandescent. They work with a dimmer switch, though at certain levels they do flicker. It’s not a problem it happens at a predictable level that I just avoid. Pricewise they are very expensive. But I do expect them to pay for themselves in the long term in terms of energy savings and that they should last a very long time. Also I dropped one once and it didn’t break. I can’t figure out where they are made, they actually don’t say. The price should keep going down as more people buy them, but I’m ok with being an early adopter. Yeah energy efficiency!