Wagtail Single Page App Integration news

wagtail-spa-integration is a Python package I started with coworkers at thelab.

Version 2.0

Wagtail SPA Integration 2.0 is released! The release is actually maintenance only, but now requires Wagtail 1.8+ thus making it a potentially breaking change.

Coming soon version 3.0 with wagtail-headless-preview

A major feature of Wagtail SPA Integration is preview support. Torchbox (the creators of Wagtail) developed their own solution called wagtail-headless-preview. We’ll be migrating to this and it will be a significant breaking change. Aligning with Torchbox’s implementation will reduce our maintenance burden and allow for a generally more “normal” experience. It will also remove a feature/quirk in Wagtail SPA that generated links that could be used for up to one day without authentication.

NextJS Support coming soon!

We have a proof of concept for NextJS support. Preview/contribute it here. This package utilizes NextJS’s dynamic routing and dynamic components making it possible base NextJS pages on Wagtail page types. One difference from the Angular Wagtail implementation is that all communication is handled via the NextJS Node server instead of direct Wagtail REST API calls. This results in simpler code, but slightly worse performance.

Angular Wagtail will also receive a minor update to work with 3.0.

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By David

I am a supporter of free software and run Burke Software and Consulting LLC. I am always looking for contract work especially for non-profits and open source projects. Open Source Contributions I maintain a number of Django related projects including GlitchTip, Passit, and django-report-builder. You can view my work on gitlab. Academic papers Incorporating Gaming in Software Engineering Projects: Case of RMU Monopoly in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (2008)

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