Sunset Park Riders

I’ve done a little web development for the Sunset Park Rider’s “Showdown at the BK Corral” album. It’s a rap album blending spaghetti western movie scores with classic hiphop break beats. Check it out at you can download the album for free or buy a CD.

Video game video

Simple, but everything here is editable via XML. Rate of fire, type of weapon (straight, spread shot, etc), enemy’s, images.

Creating a video game

I’m finally putting some real work into making a video game for the Android OS that combines aircraft shooter with some role playing elements. My plan is to have a game where the player goes between typical shooter action and storyline, gaining XP, going to shop for upgrades, ect. The player will have a computer… Continue reading Creating a video game

Hacking the G1

Last Friday I finally decided to root my G1 android phone, probably from envy of the new Droid phone. I must say I’m surprised by how much faster it is now. It’s far more responsive and loading times seems to be vastly improved. Aldiko ebook reader went from taking around 30 seconds to open a… Continue reading Hacking the G1


I mentioned the Django app I made in the previous post so I thought I would provide some info about what it is. Essentially the goal was to reduce duplicate work everywhere possible be moving data from spreadsheets and other database’s into one central database. Also to allow a non skilled worker to edit this… Continue reading Django


The following was written on 8/16/09 though I did not have Internet access at the time. I am at the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) retreat house; we are doing a personal time session and I have decided to write this entry for my blog. I am the only engineering and the only IT person here.… Continue reading Volunteering

Thinking about business

I’ve been thinking about starting a business after I get a few more years of work experience. Some type of computer retail and software consulting thing. Here’s some random things that might be fun and profitable that could be thrown together under one roof. Sell custom computers without bloatware. Linux, Windows, even Hackintoshes. Preload software… Continue reading Thinking about business

Evil Evil Video

In fantasy land I can just copy video from a camcorder, upload it, and I’m done right? Nope! HTLM 5 attempts to solve the problem with the new video tag. But some people (Apple) want to use various MPEG files like H.264 for HTML 5 Video. Well that isn’t practical.