Hacking the G1

Last Friday I finally decided to root my G1 android phone, probably from envy of the new Droid phone. I must say I’m surprised by how much faster it is now. It’s far more responsive and loading times seems to be vastly improved. Aldiko ebook reader went from taking around 30 seconds to open a certain book to 5. One annoyance I used to have was the home screen freezing for 5 to 10 seconds making multi tasking very annoying. This is now completely gone. I was expecting a slightly faster phone, but this is really like a brand new phone. Wifi tether is always nice too. Here’s what I did.

Rooted it with this guide. A tad many steps involved, but all very easy to follow.
Installed an overclock app from the market.
Partitioned my sd card with a 2GB ext4 and 32MB swap with gparted.
Enabled compcache with the “spare parts” application.
Installed the Cyanogenmod updater from the app market and updated to the latest Cyanogenmod. This neat program makes updates very easy, something I though might be annoying after rooting the phone.

So that’s it. If you have an android phone and don’t mind the slight risk, it’s very much worth rooting your phone.

By David

I am a supporter of free software and run Burke Software and Consulting LLC. I am always looking for contract work especially for non-profits and open source projects. Open Source Contributions I maintain a number of Django related projects including GlitchTip, Passit, and django-report-builder. You can view my work on gitlab. Academic papers Incorporating Gaming in Software Engineering Projects: Case of RMU Monopoly in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (2008)

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